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More Cessna 172's have been built than any other aircraft, so it's not surprising that this docile airplane is one of the most popular training aircraft in use today. Aero Atlanta has several 172SP's in our fleet, and getting checked out in our Cessna 172's usually consists of one or two flights with an Aero Atlanta CFI (one hour minimum) and one hour of ground work to discuss aircraft systems and performance capabilities.

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N5339M - 2003 Cessna 172SP | $125 (Club) / $140 (Non-Club) + $65 Consumables

Cessna 172SP Exterior Cessna 172 Panel Cessna 172 Back Seats Cessna 172 Vertical Stabilizer

Quick Facts*

  • Cruise Speed: 120 KTAS
  • Fuel Capacity: 53 Gallons
  • Fuel Burn: 9 Gallons Per Hour
  • Range: 550 Nautical Miles
  • Avionics: Bendix/King

More Details

N5339M is a 180HP 2003 Cessna 172SP with a KLN-94 color moving-map GPS, KAP-140 dual-axis autopilot and Bendix/King MFD (multi-function display). In addition to being an outstanding platform for private and instrument training, this airplane is a great choice for regional cross-country flights.

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*This information is provided for comparison purposes only. It is not intended for use for navigation or flight planning. Consult the POH for detailed performance data.