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If you have ever wondered what it's like to be a jet pilot, Aero Atlanta can help you realize your dreams in a very big way. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime as you strap yourself into the left seat of the world's only single engine personal jet - the Cirrus Vision Jet. Fire up the Williams FJ33-5A engine under the direction of one of our Vision Jet Experience Directors and prepare to soar up to FL280 and cruise along at 300 knots on your way to your favorite destination. As with all Cirrus aircraft, you will also enjoy peace of mind that only the Cirrus Airframe Parachute Systemâ„¢ (CAPS) can provide as you fly the only personal jet in the world with a parachute.

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N234HS - 2017 Cirrus Vision Jet | $1,345 / hr. + Vision Jet Experience Director

Cirrus Vision Jet Cirrus Vision Jet Aft View Cirrus Vision Jet Cabin Interior Cirrus Vision Jet

Quick Facts

  • Cruise Speed: 240 - 300 KTAS
  • Fuel Capacity: 296 Gallons
  • Fuel Burn: 47 - 69 Gallons Per Hour
  • Range: 800 - 1,200 Nautical Miles
  • Avionics: Cirrus Perspective Touch

More Details

The Vision Jet is a breakthrough in personal aviation. Experienced Cirrus pilots will quickly feel at home inside the Vision Jet, with familiar placement of controls and docile flight characteristics. It seats 7 people (5 aduls + 2 children) in comfort, with dual-zone climate control, USB and A/C power ports and many other creature comforts in an incredibly comfortable and spacious cabin.

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You can fly the Cirrus Vision Jet (left seat) today by scheduling a Vision Jet experience package. To get started, click here for a printable PDF brochure. When you're ready to fly a jet, click here to schedule your Vision Jet experience.

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*This information is provided for comparison purposes only. It is not intended for use for navigation or flight planning. Consult the POH for detailed performance data. Figures based on AFM performance tables at economy / high-speed cruise power at FL280 in zero wind conditions and NBAA IFR reserves.